New Acrylic Colors for Mallards Calls

I’ve been building calls with some of the new colors of acrylic I have. These calls are single reed, that sound really low and raspy with a nice ring to them. Here are a few of the calls that are up for sale in the shop with more combinations in the shop. Click on the photo below to see all the All Acrylic Mallard Calls

Acrylic Mallard Calls 4-15 A

Acrylic Duck Calls (Clockwise from Top Left) – Orange Tuscan Sun w/ Black, Black & Berry Camo w/ White, Fire & Ice w/ Black, Orange Pearl w/ Black Pearl, Seaweed Bay w/ Ivory.

If you want a different color combination than what is in the shop let me know and I will be happy to custom build on for you. I can also build them with a double reed insert if you want too.

4 New Colors of Bite Reed Elk Calls.


CEBR New 2015

New Colors of SpectraPly Cow Elk Calls (L-R) Gemwood, Cotton Candy, Firestorm & Confetti

Just finished up a few new colors of elk calls. These brightly colored elk calls may seem too vibrant, but I have had request for the brighter colors. The brighter colors are useful to see a call on the ground or a stump that has been dropped or set down. They also are kind of stylish too. To see all the Cow Elk Bite Reed Calls or to order a call, just click HERE!

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