Toasted Fowl Custom Game Calls

Hand Turned, Hand Tuned, and Made One At A Time!!!

Straight Shot Duck Calls

The Straight Shot Mallard Call is a wood duck with a single reed call that has a raspy sound like an old Mallard hen that ducks just can’t resist. All the of the parts of the calls are completely handmade. I hand turn the barrel and the insert on the lathe to my specif…

Acrylic Duck Whistles

The Acrylic Duck Whistle  by Toasted Fowl Custom Game Calls can make the calls of five different ducks. 1) Teal Peep, 2) Widgeon Whistle Call, 3) Pintail Rolling Whistle Call, 4) Mallard Drake Call and 5) Wood Duck. The calls are made of solid acrylic, including…

“SNS” Acrylic Duck  Calls

The “SNS” (Shaken Not Stirred) Acrylic Mallard Call has a dirty nasty raspy hen sound to it. I turn and polish the barrels and inserts one at a time. Every call is hand turned, hand tuned and sounds great when it leaves the shop. All calls are packaged in a clear tub…

Bite Reed Cow Elk Calls

The Cow Elk Bite Reed Elk Calls by Toasted Fowl sound great and are very easy to use. The wood bell mellows the sound and gives a wonderful lifelike resonance. The outside of the wood is finished with 10+ coats of Cyano-Acrylate (Superglue) then…

Whole Gang Elk Calls

The Whole Gang Elk Call is a very easy to use open reed elk call. It is a bugle and cow call all in one. This call can bugle, grunt and squeal with the tube on. To use the call as a cow call simply give the head of the call a twist and pull. Now it’s an open reed cow…

Short Shot Elk Calls

The Short Shot Elk Call is an open reed elk call with a very realistic elk sound. The wood exhaust of the Short Shot contributes to the authentic elk sound helping to mellow out sharp notes. Other popular calls constructed entirely from plastic, can’t do this…

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