Introducing the ” Whole Gang Elk Call “

I have been working on this call for a couple of years. The goal was to build the toughest, loudest, most versatile and most easy to use elk call on the market. I believe that the “Whole Gang Elk Call” call has met all those goals. These are truly hand made calls. Each call is hand turned, hand tuned and made one at a time. I try to source all the materials to be made in the United States.


Inland Mountain Camo (top call) & Coastal Forest Camo


One of the big differences is the open reed tone board. I’ve seen open reed on cow calls and predator calls. I made the tone board very wide (7/8″) for comfort and ease of use. The toneboard is hand turned and hand cut from Delrin (acetal plastic) and is very stable to temperature changes

The Mylar reed is simply tough, I’ve only had one reed go bad on me in two years of testing and it still worked, the reed just didn’t sound right so I changed it out. Testing included putting the call in the freezer, then baking it on a hot dashboard in very hot weather for a day, then repeat the process multiple times. The reed never melted, ripped or stuck and always sounded the same no mater what the conditions. Try that with a latex reed call!

The wood SpectraPly bell’s exterior is finish with CA (Cyano-Acrylate) which is a very tough waterproof finish. The interior is finished with a water base finish made specifically made for game calls. Since it is water base there is no smell and the CA has no odor either.

The tubes I found for this call are a very tough and can take a ton of abuse. You can run over the tube with a truck and it will not totally constrict. It may be a little oval but still be usable on the call. The paint on the tubes was a sticking point on the project. I didn’t want the cloth that other calls use. The cloth either ripped off or was encased in devils club or cockle burrs when done hunting. We couldn’t get the paint to stick on them, but through trial and error a buddy solve the problem. He came up with two patterns of camo with corresponding SpectraPly, The patterns are call Coastal Forest with Camo Supreme SpectraPly and Inland Mountain with Buckskin SpectraPly.

Whole Gang Elk Call - IMC - Head

Showing the head detached from the tube ready for cow calls.


The “Whole Gang” comes from the versatility of the call. The call can bugle any pitch you want to do with the one reed. Small bull bugle, large bull bugle, locator/see you chirps, cow calls and calf calls. It can imitate a whole gang of elk with one call.

I will get some sound files and will have videos very soon. Any questions about the call just contact me on the Contact Page.

Click on “Whole Gang Elk Call” to purchase a call.

And remember to “Go Let The Air Out Of One”!!!




4 New Colors of Bite Reed Elk Calls.


CEBR New 2015

New Colors of SpectraPly Cow Elk Calls (L-R) Gemwood, Cotton Candy, Firestorm & Confetti

Just finished up a few new colors of elk calls. These brightly colored elk calls may seem too vibrant, but I have had request for the brighter colors. The brighter colors are useful to see a call on the ground or a stump that has been dropped or set down. They also are kind of stylish too. To see all the Cow Elk Bite Reed Calls or to order a call, just click HERE!

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Oregon Chapter Calls

RMEF Calls

Last 9 RMEF Oregon Camo Supreme Cow Elk Bite Reed Calls.

The last 9 of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Oregon chapter calls headed out the door. One call went to every Oregon chapter. See them at your local RMEF Oregon Chapter banquets.

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