Whole Gang Elk Call – Inland Mountain Camo


The Whole Gang Elk Call – Inland Mountain Camo

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Whole Gang Elk Call – Inland Mountain Camo

The Whole Gang Elk Call is a very easy to use open reed elk call. It is a bugle and cow call all in one.

The call can bugle, grunt and squeal with the tube on. To use the call as a cow call simply give the head of the call a twist and pull. Now it’s a open reed cow call.

The reeds are Mylar which unlike latex is durable and won’t melt, rip or tear. The tone board is constructed of Delrin which is very stable with temperature changes.

A big key to the sound is the SpectraPly bell which helps mellow out the high tinny tones. The inside to help amplify the sound.. The tube is tough and will not collapse. The tube is painted with a flat sheen instead of cloth covered, so you won’t have Devils Club and Burrs stuck to it.

This call is so versatile you can imitate any elk in the gang (group of elk) with the Toasted Fowl “ Whole Gang Elk Call ”

The Whole Gang Elk Call is tough but sometimes things happen. The call comes with a package of 2 replacement Mylar reeds, block and band.

The Inland Mountain Camo is inspired by the drier pine, juniper & pinyon forest of the Intermountain West.

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