Bite Reed Cow Elk Call – SpectraPly Dandelion


CEBR – SP Dandelion

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Bite Reed Cow Elk Call – SpectraPly Dandelion by Toasted Fowl Custom Game Calls.

• Cow Elk Call – SpectraPly Dandelion – Birch – which comes from a mill in Maine

• Every Bite Reed Cow Elk Call is a one of a kind. Each one is hand turned and finished.

• Reed gut sets are modified with grooves to accept O-Rings so they fit correctly and securely into the wood bell.

• The wood bell mellows out the high “tinny” frequency for a more realistic elk sound

• Exterior Finish –  The wood is finished with 10+ coats of Cyano-Acrylate (Superglue) then buffed and polished to show the beauty of the wood.

• Interior Finish – 2 coats of no odor water base finish to help repel moisture.

• The reed is protected by soft rubber tubing over the bite area to help keep debris (pine needles, dirt, etc.) out of the reed. 

• The tubing is also for comfort while using the call.

⊗ Video of a Cow Elk Bite Reed Call in Use

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.4 × 1.4 in

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