Duck Whistle-Blue Pearl-Nickel Base


Duck Whistle-Blue Pearl-Nickel Base

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Duck Whistle-Blue Pearl-Nickel Base

The Duck Whistle-Blue Pearl-Nickel Base by Toasted Fowl Custom Game Calls makes the calls of five different ducks. 1) Teal Peep, 2) Widgeon Whistle Call, 3) Pintail Rolling Whistle Call, 4) Mallard Drake Call, and 5) Wood Duck. The calls are made of solid acrylic, including the tone board which is polished acrylic and cemented inside the call. With the calls being acrylic, they are impervious to water. The base is solid nickel  The nickel bases can be different brands of shells so they may vary. Click on the photos to see more detailed pictures.

This is a go-to call for me when a Mallard call doesn’t seem to get a response. Some days the ducks just want something different!!!

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Acrylic Color – Blue Pearl (Blue)

Base Type: Federal Nickel

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .75 × .75 in

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